We are new innovative company called RadBee that was established in May 14, 2018.  RadBee is mainly developer and producer of scientific instruments and equipment focused on hydrogen based energy solution. We have more than 10 years experience in this field. Sell of first generation of fuel cell testing stations was earlier covered by company Leancat.

Now our products are selling all around the world and there are several products of fuel cell testing station in the range from 100 W to the 100 kW. Testing stations are designed to run PEM FC and also high temperature PEM FC. DMFC option is also possible.

We also provide analyses of physical phenomenon through computer simulations and automation of measurement apparatus with appropriate software. See more in section products.

We never compromise on the quality and service provided to the customer. We believe in maintaining customer satisfaction and providing products that meet the individual needs of customers at a very competitive price.

Let technology be rad.