Reactants Mixer
Reactants Mixer
Reactants Mixer


Reactants mixer is suitable for all application where special mixture of gases or liquids is needed e.q. artificial air with defined concentration of pollutants. Required fields are fuel cell testing, sensor testing or other chemical processes.


Costume designed lines are provided to meet demand specific requirements in order to minimalize cost and increase efficiency of system. System enables to control concentration down to 100 – 1 ppm depends on application dynamically or semi dynamically down to 1 ppb.

Fully automated and unattended operation

All functions of reactants mixer are controlled by computer and it is ready for remote control: especially all valves, heaters, mass flow control, pressure control, humidity control. System is fully automated enables unattended operation.


System contains safety procedures as nitrogen purge and emergency shut down. Working range as temperature sensors are compared with safety limits that can be set. There are two levels of limits.

Reactants mixer
Controlled concentration Down to 100-1 ppm depends on application
Reactants Gas or vapors. Non-corrosive or corrosive
System Dynamic control
Flow rates Customized. Typically up to hundreds sccm
Gas humidification Dew point up to 90°C, if it is required
Operating temperature Max 120°C. Higher is optional
Operating pressure 6 Bar
Safety Nitrogen purge, temperature and pressure limits, gas detector (optional), safety interlocks, blackout protection.
Extra precise solution
Controlled concentration Down to 1 ppb.
System Semi dynamic control

Specification on detail and price quotation on request.