Hermés series
Hermés series
Hermés series


PEMFC Testing station of power range up to 100 W provided in two sizes. One version includes the space for operating fuel cell while the shorter version supposes to run the fuel cell on separate table. This version is suitable if the experiment has to be performed in some special condition – synchrotron, very special spacious cell holder.


Up to 4 lines of gases, where three of them are fully humidified and integrated, enable to perform all basic fuel cell experiment as well as all electrochemical experiment. Humidification system is automatically refiled.

Fully automated and unattended operation

All functions of testing station are controlled by computer and it is ready for remote control: especially all valves, heaters, mass flow control, pressure control, humidity control. System is fully automated enables unattended operation.


System contains safety procedures as nitrogen purge and emergency shut down. Working range as voltage and current of the cell, all temperature sensors are compared with safety limits that can be set. There are two levels of limits. Hydrogen leak sensor is installed.

Hermés series
Power range 100 W, Scalable up to 500 W
Flow rates Anode: from 100 sccm to 2 slmp, Cathode: 500 sccm to 5 slpm
Gas humidification 3 lines, Dew point up to 90°C, dry gas by-pass (manual or automatic)
Operating temperature Max 120°C
Operating pressure 3 Bar
Loads Different variants up to 120 A
Potentiostat Different variants from 5V/20A to 10V/100A
Safety Automatic nitrogen purge, voltage and current limits, hydrogen detector
Dimensions 600x600x(2100 or 1700) mm
Cell or Stack connectivity
Heaters Provision of two independent heaters 110-230 V controlled by PID with TC disconnect protection.
Sensors Two extra AIO channels
Compressed air Up to 15 Bar with manual safety regulator.
Voltage senses Ready for 4 points measurement for single cell or Multichannel voltage measurement for stack

Specification on detail and price quotation on request.