Piston Cell Set 5
Piston Cell Set 5
Piston Cell Set 5

We introduce you a research cell suitable of active area 5 cm2 designed for scientific laboratory. Electrically heated and pressure control of clamps.

Piston cell
Active area 5 cm2
Thermal management electric cartridge heater (top 125 W, bottom 250 W)
Operating temperature Max 120°C
Temperature control 2x thermocouple K type
Provision for plates Compatible with graphite plates, silicon gaskets
Compression piston, pressure air operated, up to 15 Bar
Fuel connection 6 mm tubing (1/4” under request), Compression fittings
Piston connection 6 mm tubing (1/4” under request), push-in fitting
Safety Pressure regulator included to prevent any damage or harms
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 140x175x310 mm
Plates / Gas distributors
Active area 5 cm2
Type of channels Single serpentine
Material Graphite for FC application
Voltage senses Ready for 4 point measurement
Heater controllers
Number of channels 2
Type of control Precise PID independent control.
Provision for temperature measurement Interface for TC of any standard (J,K,T,..).
Power of channels 230 V x 3 A or 110-120V x 3 A, for each channel
Manual control All channels are possible to control onside by display and buttons
Computer control Possible to control remotely by computer with USB port.
Safety Heater is stopped whenever the thermocouple is disconnected. Fuse for each channel.
Power 110-230V AC, 1380 W
Dimension 190x70x200 mm
Weight 0.85 kg

Specification on detail and price quotation on request.